High yield real estate project development

Bel Advanced Offer

A careful selection of the best real estate projects

What Bel Advanced offers is a careful selection of the best real estate projects to which you can also participate in partnership with other investors. Bel Invest takes the responsibility for all the development stages through methods of co-participation in special purpose companies, in which the customers are actually shareholders and full-fledged investment partners. Bel Advanced extends your investment to four progressive levels that coincide with the fundamental models of our work: 1) market opportunities; 2) aesthetics,

construction and technological innovation; 3) participation on a local scale in the business related to the property; 4) participation on a global scale to the business model associated to the property. With Bel Advanced optional extensions three and four, we offer innovative integrated business models, which supplement more traditional real estate development with a solid and powerful leverage that gives significant added value to the investment. Thanks to the strict application of these models,

Bel Advanced projects benefit from a high profit. The Bel Advanced package distinguishes us from other operators not only for the quality of the proposal, but because we are entirely transparent about our business model: we benefit from the success of our clients only after we have reached the economic targets set. Our goal is to earn a profit for the investors and  we want to be evaluated on this standard.


Integrated business

4 investments levels

With the Bel Advenced offer you participate at projects with up to 4 investments levels based on each other. Bel Advanced strongly enhances the profitability of your investment.

  • Time, price and location.
  • Construction.
  • Local integration.
  • Global integration.

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